How do I take care of my bite splint

Congratulations on acquiring your new bite splint. To ensure longev ity of your appliance there are some simple guidelines to follow.

  • Keep your bite splint clean - - brush it with your toothb rush and toothpaste every time you take it out of your mouth. If a deeper cleaning is needed, you can bring it to our office or use an effervescent cleanser made for dentures.
  • Keep your bite splint moist - - when not in your mouth, keep the bite splint covered with water or wrapped in a moist napkin.
  • Keep you bite splint container clean by thoroughly washing it once a week.
  • Protect your bite splint when cleaning - - hold your applian ce over a towel while brushing so if you drop it, it has someth ing soft to land on and won’t break. Sometimes after removing your bite splint in the morning, your teeth will feel like they do not fit tight together - - this is nor mal and should resolve after a few minutes. If you happen to have discomfort in your te eth after removing it in the morning, you may need an adjustment. Call our o ffice to schedule an appointment