How do I take care of my dentures

How to clean your dentures:

When cleaning your appliances or while taking then in and out of your mouth, do so over a sink filled with water or over a folded towel. This can help to cushion the fall if you should drop them. The artificial teeth can fracture even if only dropped a couple inches. You should brush your appliances thoroughly ea ch night with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and water to remove food deposits and stain. You may also use denture cleanser. Refrain from using bleach or abrasive detergents and cleansers.

You should keep your appliances moist by soaking them in cool water or an effervescent denture cleanser at night when they’re not in use. Also keep them in a location where curious pets a nd children won’t find them.

Keep your appliances away from pets!!

Taking care of the rest of your mouth If you are wearing a partial denture, your existing teeth are more important than ever...they are responsible for holding your part ial in place. They should be thoroughly brushed morning and night as well as flossed. Food and plaque are easily trapped around the clasps and framework and should be at l east rinsed if not br ushed after each meal. If you are wearing complete dentures, your gum tissues need to be brushed twice a day to keep them healthy and firm. Use a soft toot hbrush and brush them in circular strokes. Dentures and partials should not be worn at night. If they are, your gums and jawbone may become inflamed and uncomfortable. Ex cessive wearing of your dentures produces excessive stress on your bone, leading to accelerated bone loss.