Why should I use Flouride?

Reasons To Use Fluoride . We may have suggested fluor ide toothpaste or mouth rinse for a variety of reasons. The products that we suggested have a higher concentration of fluoride than what you can buy over the counte r. For example than Pro-Dentx toothpaste contains 1.1%Sodium Fluoride whereas Colgat e Total toothpaste contains only 0.24%. Prevention: Sometimes we recommend a high fluoride product to patients who have a history of multiple cavities. This will help to keep your teeth strong and help to prevent new cavities from forming.

Sensitivity: Gum recession and the natural wearing of teeth can cause sensitivity. A high fluoride product can protect against this by he lping to insulate your teeth from hot and cold.

Crown and Bridge Maintenance : If you have multiple crowns or bridges in your mouth, recurrent decay at the margins of these may occur. A high fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse can help prevent this.

Orthodontics: Decalcification is when plaque attacks the teeth enough to cause damage but not enough to cause an actual cavity. This can be seen as white spots on the tooth especially around the brackets. Fluoride can help keep this from forming.

Medically Compromised: Many times prescription medicat ion can decrease the flow of saliva in your mouth. Saliva helps to wash away debris and plaque and when it’s flow is diminished, cavities can form. Fl uoride will help prevent this.